Property Analysis Tools

A new dimension for foot traffic analytics. The Oqullo platform is the first comprehensive property analysis system in the age of artificial intelligence.


Our Product

Customer engagement

Discover your customers journey to optimize engagement.

Precise visitor counts

Discover your customers journey to optimize engagement.

Foot traffic Trends

Identify popular paths and trends on your property.

Other Features Include:

Our Technology

Our AI platform uses proprietary cutting-edge computer vision technology to detect trends on your property.

Your CCTV System

Fully utilize your existing security infrastructure.

Our AI System

AI-powered portal – capture rates, dwell times, cross-shopping patterns and more.

Actionable Insights

Provide the best experiences by discovering your customer’s journey.

No Sensor Installation

No need to install costly and bulky sensors. Oqullo integrates with your existing CCTV system, converting it into the most cost-efficient traffic analysis platform.

Preserving Privacy

“Is Oqullo privacy-friendly?”

For us, respecting customer privacy is paramount. Oqullo does not use facial recognition or keep any video data after trends are extracted. Unlike our competitors, our technology is designed to be identity-agnostic. Your visitors are and will remain anonymous.

Our Markets

Shopping Centers

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