Computer Vision

The Oqullo platform uses cutting-edge computer vision technology to extract valuable insights from your CCTV systems. All our solutions are customized to meet your needs so you can grow and dominate your industry.

Unique Visitor Counts

We use our proprietary Re-ID technology to count visitors on your property. Since our solution can accurately distinguish between individuals, we provide you with the most precise counts.

Property Trends

We use Artificial Intelligence to identify trends on your property. We are able to find the most popular paths your customers are taking and we can even identify new trends as your property is growing.

Customer Engagement

Use our system to discover your customers’ journey, analyze marketing events, and optimize customer engagement with your property.

Other Features Include:

All Oqullo solutions are customized to meet your needs. Our system will help you monitor the KPIs that you use to manage and grow your property.

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